Friday, October 5, 2012

Mae Olsen Wants to Fuck James Deen, That's All!

Random ass post I know but I was scrolling through Tumblr earlier and I saw a porn video with James Deen and some random girl in it. Now the random girl (she looks familiar but there are SOOO many chicks in this industry) sits on his dick for like a minute and a half and I believe she came twice. If she didn't that was some incredible acting. Now it is public knowledge that I entered the industry back in March 2012 for one reason only: to have sex with James Deen. And that has NOT happened yet. But I am not upset about it, in fact I am kind of glad. I am not ready for The James Deen yet. A man like James Deen deserves the finest filet mignon in the world, not any old burger. I know it is a weird metaphor but you get my point. A man like James Deen should only fuck the finest pussy in the world, and mine is simply not up to par yet. Sure, it is very tight and pink looking but I need to sharpen my skills before I can have The James Deen. I need to perfect the art of reverse cowgirl and practice relaxing my gag reflex before we meet. I would like to make an impression on him; not be some random girl he did a scene with. No, I must train for the day I complete my goal of fucking James Deen. I must first make myself worthy of having him whisper sweet, nasty obscenities into my ear and having him choke me to point of unconsciousness *sigh* This blog just made me sound like I am obsessed with him lmao

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